The main reason for PCBA solder joint failure
The quality of solder joints is the most important part of PCBA processing. The reliability of solder joint quality determines the reliability and service life of PCBA products. Once the solder joint fails, the PCBA will be repaired or scrapped. Improving the reliability of solder joints is one of the processing goals of electronic processing plants. So, what is the reason for the failure of PCBA multilayer circuit board solder joints, I will introduce to you today.
Time : 2021/10/21
Factors affecting the penetration of pcba foundry materials
In the process of PCBA foundry processing, tin penetration is very important. If the tin penetration of the PCBA board is not done well, it will face the risk of false soldering, tin cracking or even dropout. Today, let's learn about the factors that affect the penetration of PCBA manufacturing foundry materials!
Time : 2021/10/16
The benefits of using SMT patches
SMT was developed in the United States in the middle of the 20th century. At that time, it was mainly used in cutting-edge products and investment products such as military, aviation, and aerospace.
Time : 2021/10/14
What is a characteristic impedance pcb board?
Characteristic impedance refers to the resistance of the high-frequency signal or electromagnetic wave in the propagation process of the transmission signal line relative to a certain reference layer at a certain frequency, which is also called characteristic impedance. It is equivalent to a vector sum of electrical impedance, inductive reactance, and capacitive reactance.
Time : 2021/10/08
Take you into the PCB aluminum substrate
The pcb aluminum substrate is what we often call the aluminum-based circuit board, referred to as the aluminum substrate, which is a metal-based copper clad laminate with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and mechanical processing properties.
Time : 2021/10/08
SMT basic process steps
SMT patch is an abbreviation for a series of technological processes processed on the basis of PCB. The PCB we have introduced before is a printed circuit board, while SMT is a surface mount technology.
Time : 2021/10/08
Talking about the influence of humidity on PCBA
Due to the precision and rigor of china PCB, the environmental sanitation requirements of every PCB workshop are very high, and some workshops are even exposed to the "yellow light" all day long. Humidity is also one of the indicators that need to be strictly controlled. Today we will talk about the impact of humidity on PCBA.
Time : 2021/10/08
The importance of X-ray in the SMT processing industry
X-ray, the full name is X-ray non-destructive testing equipment. It mainly uses low-energy X-rays to scan and image the inside of the product to detect flaws such as cracks and foreign objects in the content. In daily life, people often go to the hospital for X-ray scans. This is also the principle. So how important is X-ray in the smt processing industry?
Time : 2021/10/08
How to prevent the upper plate from the PCB board to prevent the occurrence of the upper plate
Over -welding furnaces on PCB boards are prone to board bending and plate tilting. Everyone knows, so how to prevent PCB boards from over -welded furnace bending and slab?
Time : 2021/10/08
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