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PCB Assembly Service
Support you One Stop services of PCB fabrication, assembly, component procurement from prototype to mass quantity.

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Who is POE?

Support you One Stop services of PCB fabrication, assemtnt prooent from protatype to mass quantity

Turnkey PCB Assembly Factory

POE is one of the world's top turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer. We are the world leading EMS PCB manufacturer specialize in printed circuit board, PCB assembly, PCB/PCBA prototype in China, and offering turnkey PCB Assembly services including quick turn PCB, component sourcing, cable assembly, comprehensive PCB testing, final package, worldwide shipping etc.

  •  Professional OEM PCBA & PCB manufacture
  •  Quick turn pcb prototypes and mass production
  •  Global component procurement
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POE are ISO9001 and UL certified and IPC-A-600 & IPC-A-610 compliant. Our PCB production capacity can reach 40000 sq.m. per month and EMS assembling capacity at 150,000,000 components per month.
With years of experience in PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly, POE provides flexible manufacturing options that adapt to cost targets, delivery requirements and fluctuating demands in volume.
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POE has more than 7 years of experience in JDM (Joint Design and Manufacturing), accommodating unique product requests such as OTT & IPTV set-top boxes, Integrated Access Device (IAD)
New product introduction
A Fully Assembled and Tested Product Ready to be Shipped to Your End-User
EMS For Startup
it is always a challenge for newly established companies to figure out manufacturing: hardware manufacturing is not easy, and an established supply chain platform as well as cutting edge capabilities are required to create a product from scratch.
What Our Customer Say
Matias , Argentina
CEO,B.D Printer
“Dear Joy,
We have received everything correctly! Thank you !!
The tests are fine for now.
We are in contact for new orders.
Albert Nissimof, Brazil
“Dear Joy,
Excellent! Thank you very much for your good service.”
“Dear Joy,
Excellent! Thank you very much for your good service.”
Papa Francesco,Italy
“Dear Joy
Da due anni ci affidiamo a POE-PCBA per PCB e assemblaggio dei componenti. Si sono sempre contraddistinti per prezzi molto concorrenziali, alta velocità ed altissima qualità.
it's two years that we buy from POE-PCBA both PCB and component assembly. Thay have always been characterized by highly competitive prices, high speed and high quality.”
Viver Audish,Germany
“Hello Rae,
We are very satisfied of the work of POE team.
We hope to continue this good business relationship in future.
Thank you.”
“Good morning Rae
POE Team is Great provider, fantastic communication. They have helped us a lot at all times. The best manufacturer without a doubt, I recommend it to everyone.”
“Hi Abbie.
Thats good. I tested about 17 and they all work very well. Seems very good.”
“Hi Abbie
We just received the VOZ IP samples, thank you very much for those present are very beautiful, on the other hand I see that the samples of the plates look good, these days I will be finishing assembling here and testing them.
Again I reiterate my total appreciation for the management carried out.”
Margaret, USA
“We received the PCBs. Thank you very much for this nice work! The quality is excellent
I will come with a new order next week for another project.”
Over 800,0 businesses and innovators trust Poe
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