RF pcb circuit board
Generally speaking, any high-frequency PCB operating above 100MHz in the PCB circuit board industry is considered a radio frequency circuit board.
RF circuit boards are used for communication signals in any application that needs to receive and transmit wireless signals. For example, some common applications mobile phones and radar devices, car collision avoidance systems and radio systems, etc.
Compared with traditional PCB circuit board layout, RF circuit board design is particularly difficult. This is due to problems that can arise when receiving or transmitting radio signals. Some of the main issues are noise susceptibility and tighter impedance tolerances. Compared to traditional circuit boards, radio and microwave signals are very sensitive to noise and have much higher requirements on PCB impedance tolerances. The best way to solve these problems is to utilize ground planning and use generous bend radii on impedance-controlled trajectories. These solutions will ultimately enable high frequency circuit boards, RF PCBs to achieve optimum performance.
RF PCB boards have many different applications including wireless technology, smartphones, sensors, robotics and security. With the advent of new technologies that push the limits of electronics, the demand for RF PCB circuit boards is on the rise.
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