With the rapid development of the medical industry, health has always been the core issue of national concern, and more and more attention has been paid to the progress brought about by science and technology. High-end precision medical equipment is the basic and guarantee for safety. With the rapid penetration and development of technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things, medical motivation has shown a multi-level and diversified trend, which has spawned the diversified needs of medical PCBs.

Medical PCB applications of electronic devices continue to progress with the development of electronic technology, becoming more efficient and dense, leading to endless new possibilities. Common medical PCB applications include: ventilators, microscopic hearing equipment, monitors, scanning technology, control systems, internal equipment, scientific instruments, etc. The core of these medical equipment is PCB. Medical PCBs tend to be special high-density interconnect PCBs.

Medical PCB device products have become "high demand products" in the medical field, and this change is even more pronounced in electronic diagnostic, research and treatment systems and tools. Wearable medical pcb devices are born in response to the market, and the detection and management of health indicators can be used as a technical solution to intervene and assist medical treatment, and quickly become a breakthrough in intelligent medical care. Through equipment and instruments to assist doctors in testing to improve accuracy and efficiency, PCB as the basic and key components, play an important role in improving the level of medical pcb services

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