In recent years, new energy vehicles and driverless vehicles have become popular, and the traditional automobile industry is developing in the direction of intelligence and electrification. With the promotion of new energy vehicles, as the infrastructure of electronic products, the importance of PCB manufacturing in the automotive supply chain is also increasing day by day.
The development of two-wheel drive in the electrification and intelligence of automobiles has driven the increase of the PCBA New Energy Automobile. The demand for high frequency and high speed has caused structural changes in the PCBA New Energy Automobile market. The growth space of high frequency and high speed PCB is relatively larger, the technical barriers are higher, and the market concentration is greater. On the one hand, compared with the traditional fuel engine drive system, the electronicization of the car increases the PCB requirements of the electronic control system. On the other hand, the core of the new energy vehicle is the battery, motor and electronic control. Compared with the traditional car, its electronic ratio is A substantial increase. These two factors have increased the use of PCBA New Energy Automobile industry, and PCBA New Energy Automobile will usher in greater development space with the growth of the market size of new energy vehicles.

As more and more electronic components are used in new energy vehicles, more and higher requirements are put forward for PCB products, so that high-reliability PCBs have more opportunities. Mainly high-speed and high-frequency PCB boards, HDI PCB, FPC and other high-end PCB circuit boards facing the future.

PCBA New Energy Automobile as an important component material used in new energy vehicles, has also risen in demand. POE can develop and produce corresponding new energy vehicle circuit board PCBs according to customer needs, and professionally provide customers with high-quality high-end samples and design services.