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Technical Capabilities

QA Equipment

POE is equipped with 2 x AOI equipment for inspection on PCBAs, Flying Probe and ICT equipment for functional testing. In order to ensure a high level of outgoing quality, we encourage our customers to allow us to functionally test products at POE premises for the further insurance of defect-free products and minimizing RMAs. This also alleviates our customers from secondary processing and allowing us to be of further service.
POE performs 100% visual and AOI inspection as well as performing electrical testing, High Voltage testing, impedance control testing, micro-sectioning, thermal shock testing, solder testing, reliability testing, insulating resistance testing and ionic cleanliness testing.

AOI Machine


Function Testing


Program and Testing

Function Testing

Probe Flying Test

Program and Testing

As a professional Electronic Manufacturing Service provider, we not just make quality, but our quality is traceable. Good traceability has been a great advantage as well as value-added service for our clients. Our traceability is managed through well identified specific procedures and systems. 
  • Traceable materials & parts procurement and use;
  • Traceable production procedures and history record;
  • Traceable quality and operations.
Failure Analysis
When products fail, it is important to quickly identify and isolate the root cause of the failure to minimize any impact on the bottom line. Was there a design flaw, manufacturing or material defect, or did it just wear out exceeding its useful life?
POE’ experienced Failure Analysis Team knows what to look for and performs a complete inspection to collect the information needed to determine root-cause failure. Areas considered in the failure analysis include:
  • Failure symptoms
  • Assembly construction
  • Board and component finishes