Cem-1 PCB is a bit unfamiliar to most people, Cem-1 PCB is one of the substrates of printed circuit boards. It is low grade in the PCB material industry and is only suitable for single-sided PCBs, but it is widely used.

Some would say that technology is advancing so fast now that every electronic device is getting smaller and smaller. Why such a low-grade material can be widely used.

Yes, the technology is getting higher, but the average time, components are also higher, assembling more features, which will allow more designers to use single-sided PCB (Cem-1 material) to control costs.

The single-sided PCB (single-layer PCB) will greatly reduce the design cost, which is the most important reason.

The special feature of this material is that metallization through holes is not possible, therefore, this material can only be used for the production of 1-layer printed circuit boards.