High Frequency PCB

High-frequency electronics are the trend today, especially in wireless networks.

The rapid growth of satellite communications, the development of information products to high-speed, high-frequency. Therefore, the development of new products always requires the use of high-frequency substrates, satellite systems, mobile phone receiving base stations, etc. These communication products must use high frequency PCBs.

A high frequency PCB is a special type of PCB with high electromagnetic frequencies. Generally speaking, a high frequency PCB can be defined as a PCB with a frequency above 1GHz. The substrate material needs to have excellent electrical properties, good chemical stability, and with the increase of the power signal frequency, the loss on the substrate is very small, so the importance of high frequency PCB is highlighted.

High-frequency PCB circuit boards with induction heating technology have been widely used in the communication industry, network technology field promotion and high-speed information processing systems, meeting the requirements of many high-precision parameter instruments. Reliable high-frequency circuit boards provide great help in actual production.